Dec 22, 2023

Engineering Impact: Grant’s Solo Role in the Virtual World of RealWork Labs

Get to Know Grant Isom Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Grant’s journey into computer science began with a high school project, igniting a passion for software development. After freelancing and interning during college at KU, he
Oct 30, 2023

A New Beginning: From New York Sociology Graduate to Austin Software Engineer

Get to Know Selin Cetinkaya Originally from Brooklyn, Selin moved to Austin, Texas, for a change of pace. With a sociology degree from Hunter College, she shifted from the service industry and real estate to
Sep 25, 2023

Crafting Connections: A Journey from Breweries to Tech

Get to know Taylor Grams Can you just give me a brief overview of where you're from and where you currently live? “I grew up in a small town in South Texas called Stockdale. The
Sep 19, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month

RealWork Labs CelebratesHispanic Heritage Month Hispanic Heritage Month is a pivotal time to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of Hispanic individuals across various sectors, including the tech industry. Historically, the tech realm has been under-representative
Aug 21, 2023

Exploring Career Transitions, Family, and Growth at RealWork Labs

Get to know Jeremy Hauck What got you looking for a Sales Development Role? How’d you hear about RealWork Labs? “Great question. So let’s go back. I’ve been in Austin for a year and a
May 30, 2023

Jewish History Month

RealWork Labs CelebratesJewish Heritage Month May is Jewish Heritage Month, and at RealWork Labs, we’re proud to celebrate the rich culture and contributions of Jewish Americans. We honor the important role they have played in
May 29, 2023

Motivation, Purpose, and Team Support: Andrea ‘Drea’ Vidaure’s Key to Success

Get to know Andrea "Drea" Vidaure Andrea “Drea” Vidaure is the Customer Success Manager who works to help create successful relationships with our Success team and customers.Early in her career at RealWork Labs, Drea started
Apr 25, 2023

Discipline, Authenticity, and Transparency: how one sales manager flourishes with his team and family

Get to know Lucien Payne Lucien Payne is senior sales manager who manages SR1-SR4 teams that include multiple managers and over 20 sales reps.Early in his career, Lucien worked as an inbound sales representative for
Mar 12, 2023

Data Drives Success – the RealWork Labs Analytics Team

Get to know Patrick Magnusson Patrick is a data analytics professional originally from Boulder, CO. He graduated from Trinity University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics and Finance. In 2019, Patrick