Crafting Connections: A Journey from Breweries to Tech

Get to know Taylor Grams

Can you just give me a brief overview of where you're from and where you currently live?

“I grew up in a small town in South Texas called Stockdale. The population is about 1,500 and it’s a one-stoplight kind of town. I moved to Austin when I was younger and I’ve been here ever since. I still have family in both places but there’s typically no turning back once you go from a small town to a big city and I found that to be the case for myself as well. Although, I do really enjoy visiting my home town. It was a huge culture shock when I first moved to Austin. I was about 15 and I didn’t know anybody my age. Thankfully I adjusted fairly quickly and made close friends who I still see today.”

What does your day-to-day looks like?

“Our overall goal at RealWork Labs is to help our customers build their neighborhood brand voice online. For me, my day-to-day is focused on creating genuine relationships with customers and making sure they know they can trust me with guiding them down the right path to success. Whether its about our platform or Google’s best practices, I wholeheartedly enjoy chatting with them on a daily basis and if I leave for the day without the feeling that I’ve helped someone become one step closer to acheiving their business goals, it hasnt been a successful day in the office.”

If you weren't doing this here, do you think you would still be doing something to help people in that way?

“Before starting my job here, I was working in the brewery industry. I was doing that for years and would probably still be in it if it wasnt for RealWork Labs. One of the main reasons I stayed for so long was because I had the opportunity to talk to different people every day about things that were important to them and at times, help them through it. Eventually, I found myself wanting something new so when I heard about the role that I have now, and being able to essentially create the same sort of relationships with people, I knew it would be an easy transition. I think if I werent doing this, I would still be doing something that allowed me to help others in some way.”

How did you get started in breweries?

“My mom was in the craft beer scene when I was growing up so it really started from her and being able to watch her do her job with such passion. The conversations I would watch her have with people just came so naturally to her so it just furthered my interest in why people love craft beer so much. Besides the fact that it brings people together, the brewing process was so intriguing to me so I’ve always credited my mom for my start in that industry.”

Did you go to school, and if you did, what did you study?

“I briefly went to school for business and marketing and thats around the time when I was just getting my start in the brewery industry. Eventually, I felt that I could create a career for myself using the skills that come naturally to me. It was really important that I was doing something that I loved so from there, I was focused on furthering my education in the craft beer industry. That is, before I found my home here.”

Outside of work, do you have any favorite hobbies or pastimes?

“In my spare time, I find myself thrifting often. Whether it’s shopping for vintage furniture or clothes, it gives me a sense of peace and calm and its always fun hunting for hidden gems. I also just love spending time at home with my three cats Ziggy, Milo, and Binx. They keep things very interesting.” 


Do you have a favorite quote or a motto that you live by?

“Over the past year, the thing that i’ve had to keep reminding myself of, is that I am capable and that I belong. Starting my work in tech industry and coming from a completely unrelated industry, it was easy for me to feel a bit of imposter syndrome. With the help of my leaders and peers, I’ve been able to build confidence in myself and my abilities. Its always important to remember that you can do anything if you work hard enough.”

Where do you see yourself, or what do you hope to achieve in the next few years?

“For now, I want to keep growing in my role. There’s still more for me to learn and accomplish. I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to continue to better myself for our customers and that’s my main focus at the moment. In the next few years, I still see myself growing my career in the tech industry.”

How do you define success in your role?

“I’d say the way that I define my own success is if our customers are utilizing our software to the best of its ability. Its our job to lead them in the right direction so when you have someone who is expressing their appreciation for what you are helping them achieve, its a successful feeling.”

What's the best piece of career advice you've ever received?

“Probably that confidence is key. Exuding confidence doesnt just make us feel better about ourselves but it helps us get out of our comfort zone and try new things. We’re more likely to moe forward with people and opportunities so receiving that advice has really helped me achieve my goals.”

How do you handle stress at work?

“I lean on my team. We’re all really great about checking in with each other and helping out if we can see that someone is having a hectic day. Like most jobs, we realize that ours does come with stressful days. So we lean on each other; our team is small, so it’s easy to create those genuine friendships.”

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

“I’m lucky that my role has provided me with a sense of stability that I wasnt necessarily familiar with before. I was used to working on a completely different schedule and not having time to catch up with life. Now, I have the ability to turn off that switch and have more opportunities to focus on my hobbies and spend time with the people most important to me. My quality of life overall is just better.”

What's something, not many people may know about you?

“Unfortunately for me, I am an open book. Its funny, I’ll usually go home at the end of the day and will just overthink that days interactions because its just like everyone knows everything about you.”

If you had to pick one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

“I would probably say empathetic. It allows me to feel a lot for others which has its pros and cons. For the most part, I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had because of that fact but it can of course get overwhelming at times.”

Do you have anything else you want to share?

“I’m just extremely grateful to be a part of such a close knit work environment where everyone truly respects one another and helps each other succeed. More great things to come!”

I love that you have so much inner peace. You’re a genuinely thankful person.

“I try to be. It’s taken a while for me to learn that life is always going to have obstacles but its how you deal with them that makes you thankful for what you have.”


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