Exploring Career Transitions, Family, and Growth at RealWork Labs

Get to know Jeremy Hauck

What got you looking for a Sales Development Role? How’d you hear about RealWork Labs?

“Great question. So let’s go back. I’ve been in Austin for a year and a half now. I’m originally from Seattle, but I lived in California for about 10 years. California is known for TV, and I worked as a producer and editor in TV for about 10 years. That’s where I met my wife, and our relationship grew from there. We were both very career-driven, but as we approached the 10th-year mark, our priorities shifted. We got married and had a child, and that’s when we started reevaluating our plans.”

“We began asking ourselves questions like, “What do we really want to do?” and started considering other options. We also wanted to find a place to settle down, so we explored different areas, and Austin was a definite choice for us. My wife is from Miami, and while we didn’t want to go back to our hometowns, Austin felt like home in many ways. We had visited Austin a few times by that point. To cut a long story short, we ended up moving here a year and a half ago.”

“As we were preparing to move, I contemplated a career transition. I thought about what else I could do if I couldn’t find work in the TV industry. Many people suggested I would be good in sales, even in real estate. So I obtained my real estate license and worked as an agent for about three to four months. However, I started to realize that it might not be the best time to jump into real estate, given the circumstances. I felt like I had missed the boat a little. So I had to consider whether to continue in TV or stay on this sales trajectory. My wife, understanding the industry’s long hours and demanding nature, encouraged me to explore other opportunities.”

“She found a digital marketing agency that was looking for people with cold-calling skills, which I had developed as a real estate agent. I worked for them for a while and had some success, but I felt like I hit a ceiling both financially and in terms of personal growth as a salesperson.”

“That’s when I came across this job and decided to interview for it. It seemed like a great startup with a product, message, and purpose that resonated with me. Having been a contractor in TV, I understand the importance of keeping your name out there and the challenges that come with it. So I took the interview while also interviewing other people at the time.”

Many of them were remote, but I realized that to become a better salesperson, I needed to be on the floor, interacting with people face-to-face. I wanted that challenge and the opportunity to be pushed harder in my sales efforts.”

How do you balance a young family, living in a new city, and doing well at your job?

“Behind every great man is an even better woman. My wife is incredible. She works remotely, which is really nice. The flexible schedule allows her to take my daughter to daycare and pick her up. My colleagues on the floor don’t have that luxury. They have to make their own situation work. It’s not easy, of course. Sometimes I come in early and stay later, but it’s all part of working towards our bigger goals. When it comes to work-life balance, it’s actually quite manageable compared to my previous experiences.”

“I start at 8:15 AM and end at 5:15 PM. After work, I don’t think too much about work because it’s mostly business-to-business. It’s not at a level where I have to be constantly available outside of those hours. I know some managers and others at the company do work outside of those hours, but for me, it’s a nice change of pace from my previous line of work.”

“When I transitioned to remote work, I didn’t have a work-life balance. They would say, “Oh, now you don’t have to leave the office at 7:30 PM anymore, so can you keep working?” There were deadlines and last-minute requests. As a contractor, I felt pressured to fulfill those requests because I feared it would affect future opportunities. But now, with this job, although there are challenges, the work-life balance is much better, especially with the support I have at home.”

Can you share any specific strategies or techniques you use to manage your time effectively and ensure quality family time while settling into your new career?

“My advice, well, I have to admit that part of what I said earlier was a little bit of a lie. I do think about work but in terms of self-improvement. I read books, and one book that I’m currently reading is recommended by my current manager, Jordan Darner. 

He gave me some helpful advice, compliments about my work, and recommended the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It’s a well-known book, and I found that many of its anecdotes and examples relate to the overall message: Everyone wants to feel important in some way – to be seen and heard. This message resonates not only in sales but also in life in general. Besides reading, I’m also a morning person. I like to wake up a little earlier than everyone else to mentally prepare myself for the day.”

What kind of TV did you work in?

“I’ve worked in various areas, but mostly in unscripted content, specifically reality documentaries. For example, I met my wife while working on a show called Cold Justice, where we actually solved cold homicide cases. It was one of my significant projects as a producer. I also worked on spinoffs of shows like The Bachelor and Top Chef, which were competition-based reality shows.”

“The job was quite demanding, and it was manageable when it was just me and my partner in crime. We both understood the ups and downs of the industry. However, once we added another member to our family, we realized that this line of work wasn’t suitable for us anymore.”

What's the next thing that you want to see if you can do?

“I’m currently in an entry-level SDR role, but I have higher aspirations to move up in the company. We have a great team, and I want to see if I can excel in that position or at least perform as well as others who have succeeded in it. It’s not about feeling superior or envious, but rather about competing with myself and striving for personal growth.”

“When we rank on the leaderboard, I view my teammates as part of my team. We’re all doing the same thing, and I empathize with their efforts. I genuinely don’t care about being number one compared to others; I care about surpassing my own previous achievements. I compete with myself every day and seek to improve. Seeing others succeed simply confirms that it can be done and motivates me to push myself further.”

“I’m not overly competitive when it comes to comparing myself to others. My focus is on self-improvement and personal betterment. I want to continue growing, and there’s still a lot more I want to accomplish. I’m excited about what the future holds.”

What’s the RealWork Labs Salesfloor culture like?

“The culture here is what really sold me on this company. During my interview and when I shadowed some people on the floor, I found it to be intense in a positive way. Coming from a remote work environment, the high energy was a refreshing change.”

“It’s like being in the midst of a bustling Wall Street atmosphere. As someone with a background in film and TV, it’s the closest comparison I can make. The high energy didn’t deter me from joining; in fact, it excited me to break out of my comfort zone and strive for improvement.”

“During my six months here, I’ve witnessed the company’s growth, and I feel fortunate to be a part of it. We have some unique cultural elements, like games and incentives, that are introduced by management and open to suggestions from SDRs. We even have weekly themes tied to our calls and sales, culminating in fun activities by the end of the week.”

“While there can be monotony in making calls, there’s always an element of unpredictability. It’s like playing a slot machine; you never know what exciting opportunity awaits with each call. There’s an overarching goal and a fun sense of competition that permeates the floor.”

“We’ve had themed weeks like Jimmy Buffet Week, where we created a paradise vibe and enjoyed cheeseburgers in paradise in the parking lot. We’ve also had a Fast and Furious theme with a hot wheels race at the end. Currently, we’re having an auction-themed week, complete with an auctioneer and items to bid on throughout the week. We try to bring something new and exciting every week to keep things fun.”

Do you have any special interests?

“I love to travel. I love to watch my daughter grow and take her to do fun things around the city. I still love to watch films and TV, that’s the number 1 thing we do every night. This city has so much to offer, and we try our best to attend at least one or two things happening weekly. My wife and I love to check out breweries and new restaurants. Even though we get out, I still feel like we’re discovering Austin, which is exciting and fun. It’s like traveling in your own city. I also enjoy playing video games, for sure. It’s tough to find times these days as a new dad, but I do my best to play with my friends from Seattle, LA, and Austin.”

Anything else?

“If anything, I’m just fortunate to be here. I think with the landscape that we’re in with startups and what tech has gone through, many people have endured quite a bit. We’re still growing, but we’re doing a pretty good job with it.”