RealWork Labs Announces Scott Hartig as New CEO

An exciting announcement from the owners of RealWork Labs, Pierce Birkhold and Rusty Fincke:

We are pleased to announce a pivotal milestone in the evolution of RealWork Labs, in welcoming our new CEO and Board member, Scott Hartig.

As the founders of the business, in conjunction with the entire board, we determined that now is the right time to bring on a new CEO with the experience to help elevate RealWork Labs to the next level. After nearly two years of working with and learning from Scott, the board, which includes the two of us, unanimously agreed that he is the ideal leader to help us become the foremost solution in addressing the needs of our customers. We aim to help them get found, drive higher conversions across all their marketing channels, and manage their digital reputations through the transformative power of Neighborhood Brand Voice (NBV).

Scott joined RealWork Labs in mid-2021, and since that time, he has made a significant impact on the business as our Chief Financial Officer. With over a decade of experience working with and investing in software companies, Scott is ideally positioned to navigate RealWork Labs through the next phase of growth.

We place our absolute trust in Scott and his vision for the company, and we express our profound gratitude for his leadership as we commence this new chapter. As we navigate this transition, we will maintain our positions on the board, ensuring continuous strategic guidance for the company.

We invite you to join us in congratulating Scott on his new role as RealWork Labs continues to push boundaries, champion innovation, and strive for superior standards of excellence.

Best regards, Rusty & Pierce.


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