The three photo best practices for quality check-ins

The three photo best practices for quality check-ins

Media is essential for optimizing the check-ins your customers will review, enhancing the widget on your website and the content for your GBP (Google Business Profile) page.


1. Explain it.

Your SiteProof photos should aid in the explanation of your work by providing visual information about the home service problem you and your team solved. Ensure the image shows what was being worked on and makes sense with the caption you wrote. Keep it short and to the point.


2. Clean it up.

Let your work speak for itself, not the stuff around it. Make sure to clean up your work area by discarding personal items or trash before you take your picture. 


3. Hit that record button.

If you can only capture part of your job site in one photo, take a video to showcase an accurate view of all your work.

Check-in photo examples

Want to spruce up your site photos even more?

On the app, you can add more than one photo. So why not show off your work before and after? Customers can now see how much you can improve someone’s home needs. This tip is ideal for any remodeling, restoration, and repair projects where you can visually see a difference from your work. 

Pro tip: Take your before and after photos from the same spot.

Last but not least

Your check-in photos should act as a portfolio of your work to showcase your projects. How do you want to portray your work to potential clients? 


Let your work speak for itself. Contact us today to show up nearby, evolve your reviews, and prove to neighbors you’re the trusted service provider for the job.


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