App Privacy

Last Updated: November 7, 2020

RealWork Labs is committed to privacy. We are not going to share any information that you don’t want us to share. We don’t sell your name, phone number, email or mail address to third parties. We don’t sell the names, phone numbers, email or mail addresses to third parties of those you ask to provide reviews. We won’t spam you, or those you ask to provide reviews. We want you to be confident that your information is safe with us.

RealWork Labs is a social application. At it’s core, it enables businesses to broadcast their location in real-time, and it enables customers to more easily find them. In addition to checkins, RealWork Labs also offers a means to email or text review requests to customers, as well as for customers to leave reviews by voice.

Review and checkin data, not including email addresses or phone numbers of those asked for reviews, is posted on the RealWork Labs network and to any plugins or API integrations you have activated to display that content on website(s). If you have activated webhooks, API integrations, Zapier integrations, or pushed reports then the checkin and review information including customer email address or phone number will be accessible to you through those integrations, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not make any personally-identifiable information public.

Review and checkin data, including the name, email address or phone number for those you have asked for reviews, will also be available to anyone you grant access to see it in your account on the RealWork Labs backend and in any of the integrations you have setup — so be security conscious.

The checkin data you create, and the reviews your customers provide (not including their email address or phone number), is public. If you do not want this information to be public, you should not use RealWork Labs.

Location based data is sensitive. We use geolocation data in several ways; RealWork Labs plugins, webhooks, API integrations, or Zapier integrations or their equivalents. The data we use enables customers to search for information based on location, and for businesses to broadcast location specific data, like their recent checkins from one of our plugins. We want to protect both businesses and customers and their locations. To do this we obscure geolocation data. What does that mean? Without getting too technical, we simply scramble the geolocation data a bit to make it so that we only get to the neighborhood level when displaying any geolocation data. We never list an address or an exact lat/long combination. The neighborhood is as close as we broadcast.

We will use your information to send you stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, when we add new features, we want you to know about it. If something comes up that is really important, we want you to know about it. What we won’t do is Spam you. You gave us your email address which means you trust us. Trust is something that you earn and since we earned your trust, we want to keep that trust.

Keep in mind that the government rules. If big brother comes knocking on our door asking for stuff, we will act tough at first, but then we will give-in and hand it over if we are legally obligated to.


Exercising your privacy rights

You have some important privacy rights and we’re committed to making sure you can exercise them easily. To exercise any of the rights set out in this privacy policy, or to make a complaint, or ask a question about your information, please contact us.

We may need to verify your identity or authority before responding to your request. Once we’ve verified who you are, we’ll try and respond to your request or query as soon possible, and no later than 20 working days (one calendar month) after we receive it.

Getting a copy of your info

You have the right to request a copy of your personal information. We’ll be as open as we can with you, but sometimes we may need to withhold personal information, for example, where the information is legally privileged, commercially sensitive, or includes personal information about other people. If we need to withhold information, we’ll tell you why.

Correcting or deleting your info

If you think any of the personal information we hold about you is wrong, you can ask us to correct it. Where we’ve retained your personal information for purposes that are not directly related to the performance of a contract or to our legitimate interests, you can ask us to delete it.

If we can’t correct or delete your information (for example, where we don’t agree that it’s wrong, or we need the information for a lawful purpose), we’ll tell you why. You can ask us to attach your correction request to the information as a statement of correction.

Android and iOS App Permissions

All communication from the app to our API servers is done over SSL.

  • Location Permission: This app uses the location permission to provide us with the geolocation of the checkins that you do. We use the geolocation to convert that into a City/State combination so that we can assign your user checkins to a place.
  • Camera Permission: This app uses the camera permission to allow you to take photos or videos of each checkin that you do.
  • Microphone Permission: This app uses the microphone permission to allow you to take a video checkin with audio.
  • Photo Library Permission: This app uses the photo library permission to allow you to upload an existing photo you’ve already taken. We do not read, access, or store any photos from your library unless you specifically choose a photo from your library when doing a checkin.
  • Contacts Permission: This app uses the contacts permission to allow you to save the app as a contact so that SMS notifications from us are easily identified. We do not read your contacts, nor do we download any contact information.
  • Storage Permission: This app uses the storage permission to allow to you auto-save any checkins or photos you take, to your camera roll. We do not read any data from your device drives; we simply write data (photo or video) to it, if you’ve selected that option.